ASPINWALL AND COMPANY LIMITED, one of the earliest commercial enterprises founded during the British era in South India, was established in 1867 by the legendary English trader and visionary John H. Aspinwall, who offered a range of shipping services and traded in timber, spices and agro-products. He left the fortunes of his company in the good hands of his business partners, the Black brothers, who consolidated the business and sowed the seeds of the Aspinwall enterprise.

In 1956, the Royal Family of Travancore, the erstwhile rulers of Kerala, South India acquired a small interest in Aspinwall, when the company became a public limited company. In the early 1970’s when the English owners decided to divest their ownership in Aspinwall, the controlling interest was taken over by the Royal Family.

The change of ownership triggered an era of modernization and expansion of the existing business lines as well as diversification into new areas of growth. Today, Aspinwall has business interests in the areas of shipping & logistics, cultivation of natural rubber plantation, producing & exporting Monsooned Malabar specialty coffee, manufacturing and exporting natural fibre products.

A few years ago Aspinwall realised that time had come to 'think global and act local' and decided to move beyond our pan-India establishment and engage our first-ever fully-owned overseas operation, primarily to sustain and manage our growth ambitions on European soil. Our european branch office was set up in the Netherlands (see Contact for details), with the focal objective to optimise our proposition to our european business partners and provide them with maximum support and local value-added services, as well as to optimally adapt c.q. respond to emerging or changing local market conditions and customer demand.

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